To “Reform of Teacher Work Style” Adoption of the policy of discussions with the Nikkyo Gumi country September 15 21:53

Nikkyo-gumi = Japanese faculty and staff union adopts an exercise policy that includes discussions with the government on the problems of the new system that adjusts working hours in one year, which the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology aims to introduce over the reform of teachers' work styles Did.

The Nikkyo Gumi held a regular tournament in Tokyo, and on the 15th day of the final day, an exercise policy for the next two years was adopted.

According to it, there is a problem with the new system called "Modified Working Hours System" that aims to introduce the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, which adjusts working hours in one year, and the guideline that sets the upper limit of overtime hours to 45 hours per month. We are going to talk with the country.

In addition, regardless of the length of time worked, we have included the need to abolish the law that stipulates that 4% of the teacher's basic salary will be added as the “teacher adjustment amount” or a fundamental review.

On top of that, we will ask you to pay for overtime pay for overtime that is not currently paid.

At the press conference, Mr. Masayuki Okajima said, “Before discussing the introduction of the“ Modified Working Hours System ”that adjusts working hours in one year, it is necessary to take specific measures such as reducing work and increasing the number of teachers. I would like to make a strong appeal for the nature of my work, and I will continue to work on correcting long working hours as a top priority issue in order to reform the way teachers work. "