Allegations of Cho Guk's law request for arrest warrant of relative's man Full-scale investigation September 16 7:02

The prosecution over the unclear suspicion of investment in the family of the Korean law minister Cho Guk requested an arrest warrant for a relative of the Cho law minister who seems to have been deeply involved in the investment, and his wife's brother Investigating relatives such as listening is in full swing.

This problem is pointed out that the company that manages the funds of the wife of the Korean law minister Cho Guk was making an opaque investment, and the prosecution is said to be the central figure of the company on the 14th. Restrained the relatives of Cho ’s relatives.

According to the Korean media, the prosecution filed an arrest warrant against the court for suspicion of embezzlement before dawn on the 16th. In connection with this allegation, the court issued an arrest warrant that was previously claimed in consideration of the seizure of evidence and the role played by two representatives of the company that managed the funds and the investee company. Judgment is noted because it has already been rejected and the relative's man appears to have been more involved in the investment.

On the 15th, the prosecution also listened to the circumstances of Cho Ho's wife, who was involved in the investment, and there was an opinion that he would also investigate Cho Ho's wife soon.

The prosecution has started a full-fledged investigation into Cho's relatives and has made a clear commitment to making a series of suspicions.