Former Prime Minister Koizumi “I want you to do my best” Son Shinjiro's environmental affairs September 15th 17:46

With regard to the fact that Shinjiro Koizumi was appointed as the Minister of the Environment for the Cabinet Reform, his father, former Prime Minister Koizumi, said, “I want you to do my best. Showed.

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi gave a lecture at Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture on the “zero nuclear power generation” society we are aiming for.

In this, former Prime Minister Koizumi was asked about the appointment of his son, Member of the House of Representatives Shinjiro Koizumi, to the Minister of the Environment due to the cabinet reshuffle, “I want you to do my best. Is the most important. "

After that, he expressed his expectation, saying, “I want the country to take care of the natural environment, eliminate nuclear power, and develop with natural energy in the future.”