Tunisian voters are casting their ballots in a presidential election in which 24 candidates are vying for the presidency for a five-year term in an unprecedented contest.

The number of eligible voters in these elections is 7 million and 88 thousand voters.

Dozens of voters lined up at polling stations before they opened, choosing the president from among the 24 candidates.

The most prominent candidates are Liberal Prime Minister Youssef Chahed and the propagandist arrested on charges of money laundering Nabil Karoui, which sparked widespread controversy in the country, in addition to Abdel Fattah Moro candidate «Ennahda».

This is Tunisia's second democratic presidential election in its history, the fourth since the start of the political transition in 2011, including the National Constituent Assembly elections in 2011, presidential and legislative elections in 2014, and the municipality in 2018.