Drones attack on Saudi oil facility Middle East tensions Further concern about September 15 at 20:08

While Yemen's rebels have issued a criminal statement about incidents in which several important oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia were attacked, there were various views such as the United States suggesting Iran's involvement, and tensions in the Middle East There is concern that this will increase further.

In Saudi Arabia, two oil-related facilities, such as Abu Kaiku in the east, were attacked by a drone, exploding and burning.

Among them, the facility in Abu Kaiku is the world's largest one that processes the crude oil produced, but due to the shutdown due to the attack, Saudi Arabia can not produce about 5.7 million barrels per day, which is half of the crude oil production It is.

The government of Saudi Arabia is repelling that it is a terrorist attack on the world's crude oil supply, but it is not clear where the drone flew away and the forces that attacked, the military analyzes the residue etc. And we are proceeding with the investigation.

Regarding this attack, Yemen's support from Iran has announced a statement claiming that `` attacked '', but US Secretary of State Pompeio said, `` Evidence that it was an attack from Yemen “None” is a negative view and shows that Iran is involved in the attack.

In addition, the leading American Wall Street Journal has various perspectives, including the possibility of launching cruise missiles from Iraq or Iran.

The Saudi Arabian government has emphasized its attitude to combating threats, and has pointed out the possibility of some retaliation, raising concerns about further tensions in the Middle East.

Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies involvement in “American remarks are“ maximum lies ”

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement and refuted the US Secretary of State Pompeio's perception of Iran's involvement in attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities.

During this time, Musavi spokesman, “I can't understand and have no meaning because of the ugly remarks. The United States has put“ maximum pressure ”on Iran, but it failed and started to make“ maximum lie ”. Iran's involvement was denied.

Foreign Minister Mogi “Strongly condemned terrorist attacks”

Foreign Minister Mogi announced a discourse saying, “Peace and stability in the Middle East are extremely important for the entire international community, and a stable supply of oil from the Middle East is indispensable for the stability and prosperity of the world economy, including Japan.” The

On top of that, the Japanese government strongly condemns such terrorist attacks and intends to continue to be involved in cooperation with relevant countries to maintain and strengthen peace and stability in the Middle East.

Japan's largest importer of crude oil

According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia were approximately 73 million kiloliters in 2017. This is 39.4% of the total imports, accounting for nearly 40%, and is the largest import destination for Japan.

Japanese oil retailers say that there is oil reserves in the country, and that it is likely to have a big impact immediately, but we are collecting detailed information about this attack .