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He defines himself as an actor who knows how to imitate and alternates TV with theater or radio with the same ease with which you use the remote control.The guy who has made you laugh next to Andreu Buenafuente, Carlos Latre and , above all, Florentino Fernández now presents with Julián López every Saturday night the program La verbena (Chain 100)

What is your first memory? Opening gifts at my grandmother's house in Astorga on Christmas Eve.What image do you use as a mobile wallpaper? A photo of Julio Iglesias with the mobile locked. Another picture of Julio Iglesias different where the apps are. What superpower would you like to have? More than to save the world, to avoid the queues and delays of the airports.What trait irritates you most? To have everything under control. I am like my mother, but with 23 years less.What trait irritates you more than other people? I am exaggeratedly punctual, especially if we have been to watch a sporting event on TV. What is your biggest fear? Anything they sell you as "What a rush of adrenaline, it seems that you are going to kill yourself ...". Is it the most embarrassing moment you've lived? I think every year when they sing happy birthday to me. That moment of waiting in front of the cake with the candles lit. What do you like least about your appearance? I have a 45 standing and always in a hurry to wear a 44. I do not like big feet. What is the most Expensive you bought, apart from your home? Always invite my brother to dinner. That is the most expensive thing that I still pay today, although with pleasure.What is your custom less confessable? See series from another time and with a common theme: Feeling of Living , The OC ... What is its smell Favorite? I have gels at home for various fruit scents. I love that smell. Coconut, melon, raspberry, apple ... When was the last time you cried? I don't remember. But I get very excited about the Robinson Report programs. What book changed your life? All of TEO's. What things did that kid do. But I remember one that freaked me out as a child and I rescued recently: The phantom phantom. What is the worst thing they have said? "I'm late." What is your most precious asset? I have the complete discography of Julio Iglesias on vinyl. What is the first wish on your list? See another concert by Julio Iglesias.What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Everything I do for pleasure, I feel no guilt. How to go to see orchestras at parties in Leon towns. That gives me a lot of pleasure. What do you owe to your parents? The education and values ​​they have given me. That is not learned only at school, it is something that is taught on a day-to-day basis.What has been your biggest disappointment? A big one was the disappearance of Basketball Leon, a club where I played in his quarry and marked my childhood. Who would like to apologize and why? My brother, for telling in this questionnaire that he never takes out his wallet. What does he wake up at night? A gardener who works nearby. But he usually does it at half past eight in the morning. How does love live? This question is very Jesus Quintero, isn't it? Who would you invite to the dinner of your dreams? Michael Jordan. What word or hose do you use most often? "You're my heeeeeermano ..." What is the worst job he has done? The bed this morning. What would help you improve your standard of living? A good political management would help us all a lot. At what time have you been closer to death? I had a very funny flight from Buenos Aires ... but I didn't see her sitting in the next seat. How do you usually relax? Watching sports on TV or walking in the countryside. How often do you practice sex? This question is very medical, isn't it? What song would you like to play at your funeral? The Road , by Julio Iglesias.What is the greatest lesson life has taught you? Nothing is so important, except what is really important. We give 90% of our life importance to fools who don't have it. Where would you like to be at the moment? I'm fine answering this questionnaire in my Hawaii mansion.

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