Communist Shiki Chairman “A powerful concept is needed for the development of opposition party struggle” 15 September 17:17

Regarding the `` opposition coalition government '' initiative that the Communist Party wants to compile for the next House of Representatives election, the chairman said, `` It is absolutely necessary to develop a powerful initiative to develop the opposition sympathy. '' Showed motivation.

The Communist Party called on the Democratic Party of the Constitution to discuss the idea of ​​an `` opposition coalition government '' to replace the Abe administration. In addition, we agreed by promoting cooperation.

Chairman Shii greeted at the party's general committee meeting held at the party headquarters, “It is absolutely necessary to develop a powerful political initiative for the development and leap of future opposition. I hope that discussions will proceed. "

On top of that, Shiba said, “The failure of Abe politics only covers the eyes, and both domestic politics and diplomacy are seriously stuck. Wisdom and wisdom "I am determined to do my best," he renewed his willingness to organize the concept.

In addition, the general meeting of the party will be held for the first time in three years from January 14 to 18 next year.