• Catalonia.Barcelona mobilizes against insecurity

Barcelona has a "concrete security problem" and not a "general crisis". In this way, the mayor of the city, Ada Colau, wanted to respond to the more than one thousand neighbors who on Saturday demonstrated through the center of Barcelona to demand concrete measures from the City Council and the Generalitat to combat insecurity. Specifically, neighborhood associations and merchants from all over Barcelona formed this Veinal Tsunami to call for an end to the crime suffered by both citizens and tourists, for years and who believe that it is damaging the image of the city abroad. After this concentration, the deputy mayor of Security of the City Council of Barcelona announced that he would meet shortly with a representation of these entities of neighbors and merchants to hear their complaints about the situation of insecurity in the streets.

However, the mayor of Barcelona said that the phenomenon of crime has not increased only in the city. "It is not that there is a general crisis; there is a concrete problem with thefts and robberies," Colau said, adding that it has been more than a year since the municipal government team alerted to this problem and that insecurity has increased general form in Catalonia and more in Barcelona for having more population and tourism.

In addition, the mayor pointed in other directions to share responsibility for the growing insecurity in Barcelona. In this regard, he pointed out that his government team has requested the most effective Department of the Interior of the Mossos d'Esquadra, in addition to ensuring that legislative changes are needed that affect the repetitive behavior of crime. "There are judges saying they don't have enough instruments to deal with recidivism," Colau said.

He also stressed that in 2018 the institutions were not fully active due to the electoral context, although he acknowledged that in recent months, before the emergence in national and international media continuously of crime in Barcelona and the advice of some of them to tourists so that visit Barcelona, ​​prefer to "look positive and see that the Generalitat has put the batteries, has called meetings and announced that 300 mossos are coming at the end of the month." That is why he accepted that the neighbors "are absolutely right" in asking that the institutions collaborate and assured that the Consistory will continue working in the same line.

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CataloniaBarcelona mobilizes against insecurity

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