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The best soprano in the world accompanies the Spanish singer in his first performance in the US since the accusations of harassment

Placido Domingo: the blackmail of Scientology that threatened the fortune of the tenor

From the outset, the program was already an event : the beginning of the season at the Metropolitan Opera in New York (MET) with the Macbeth de Verdi and the two most important voices of the world lyric scene: Placido Domingo in the title role and the soprano Russian Anna Netrebko as Lady Macbeth. But the monumental controversy unleashed around the accusations of sexual harassment towards Domingo by about twenty singers and dancers have made the representation take a (still) greater dimension . The opening night, the next day 25 at the Lincoln Center will also be the first performance of the Spanish singer in the United States since the incriminations were made public. While European auditoriums and festivals have confirmed Domingo's performances and publicly supported him, the attitude across the Atlantic has been quite different: the opera houses in Dallas and San Francisco, as well as the Philadelphia Orchestra, they have canceled the presence of the converted tenor in baritone . The MET, meanwhile, issued a statement announcing that it would wait for the official investigation commissioned by the Los Angeles Opera, of which Domingo has been a director since 2003, before issuing a trial.

It seems unlikely that the Los Angeles report arrives before the performance . In any case, the mere presence of Netrebko next to the Spanish is a declaration of the Russian diva ... without opening his mouth. It is the most expected of Netrebko, which in 2013 was involved in another controversy at the MET, when various LGBTI groups protested their presence at the inaugural gala of the season, due to their support for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who At that time he began to implement various homophobic laws. "Some say I would have to say more but it is the most I can say now. In my next life I will be political and then we talk, " said the singer at the time.

The soprano Anna Netrebko as Leonora and the tenor Plácido Domingo in the opera 'La Traviata'

It is not to step on many Netrebko puddles. This summer he suspended his debut at the Bayreuth Festival , where he was going to play Elsa in Lohengrin, due to "fatigue." A few weeks earlier he had canceled his second performance at another festival, Salzburg, for the same reason .

The news did not cause such a stir as the images he uploaded to Netrebko to his Instagram account, in which he could be seen on vacation in Azerbaijan on the dates he should be singing . A report full of colors, costumes, headdresses, flowers in her hair and selfies with monkeys in the land of her husband, also the singer Yusif Eyvazov.

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Ten years younger than her, Eyvazov announced her commitment to Netrebko in March 2014, a few months after she broke up with her previous partner, Uruguayan tenor Erwin Schrott, with whom he had a son. Since then, Eyvazov has had to endure how he is valued solely for his relationship with his wife . Both offer joint recitals since their marriage, although he seems the toll to be paid to enjoy her hurricane voice .

Hence, after the Azeri holidays, Eyvazov began to speak with the Dni.ru page to announce that he had lost 26 kilos, going from the 120 he treasured to the 94 he looks now. The ad did not stop there. "Do you know what is the biggest benefit of losing weight?" He asked reporters. "Now we can practice more positions in bed . "

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