Angers (AFP)

A hundred employees of the trade and other professions gathered in inter-union gathered before a Carrefour hypermarket of Angers, opened recently on Sunday morning, to protest against the dreaded death of the Sunday rest, noted a photographer AFP .

"Social regression we do not discuss, we fight," could be read on a banner. "Do you do your shopping on Sunday? Have you thought of all the consequences? For us as for you, Sunday is the family, children, recreation", they question in a leaflet.

The purpose of the campaign was to make customers aware of who they are asking to "make the effort not to go shopping on Sunday to preserve our family and social lives".

The Angevin employees formed an interprofessional inter-trade union when the Carrefour Grand Maine supermarket in Angers decided on June 30 to open for the first time on Sunday morning, fearing that this decision would "spill the oil in the region".

"Working on Sunday is false volunteering for employees who are either students or need additional income, so with a salary problem at the start," said Patrice Auvinet, CGT company representative. He believes that Sunday's opening will have "a considerable impact on the working and living conditions of employees throughout the Angevin agglomeration".

Contacted, the management of Carrefour du Grand-Ouest recalled that a majority agreement had been concluded with the unions making this opening possible.

The anxiety of Angevins employees is accentuated by the decision of Casino to open end of August on Sunday afternoon its Angevin hypermarket La Roseraie with only automatic boxes.

"Do we want to go to a model of American overconsumption or keep our guardians and have a balance of life?" Asks Jacques Cady, CFDT union representative at Carrefour.

In Pacé (Ille-et-Vilaine), more than a hundred people, including elected officials, also gathered Sunday in front of a Cora hypermarket to protest against its opening on Sunday until 12:30. "The agreement of the territory of Rennes limited since the 1990s openings on three Sundays and three holidays a year for all hypermarkets, but this agreement was broken by the administrative court in 2018 and today everyone wants to open" explained Jeannine Thorel, of the CGT trade, explaining "also want to protect the shops of downtown, strongly threatened by these openings".

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