Frankfurt / Main (AP) - The protest against the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt continues. After demonstrating thousands on Saturday before the gates of the fair for a rapid change in traffic and more climate protection, activists today want to try to block access to the exhibition grounds.

The alliance "Sand in the Gear" did not mention any details before. Violence against persons and damage of infrastructure should not exist. The police expects several hundred participants this Sunday.

On Saturday, police said 15,000 people at a rally in front of the exhibition center, a rapid change in traffic and more climate protection demanded. The organizers put the number of participants at 25,000, including 18,000 alone cyclists who participated in a large-scale rally. For this purpose, sections of the A 661 and A 648 motorways were temporarily closed.

The IAA 2019 opened its gates on Saturday for the general public, the fair lasts until 22 September. Despite considerable traffic hindrances as a result of the rally and the bicycle rally, the outgoing president of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Bernhard Mattes, was satisfied with the first public day, which "demonstrated the high attractiveness of the IAA". Around 60,000 visitors came. On Thursday, on the sidelines of the traditional tour of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), there had been protests in the hall.

The "Sand in Gear" Alliance criticized the IAA for "not contributing to the urgent issues of future mobility". In the face of climate change, quick and drastic decisions are needed. "With our blockade we will show that we no longer let ourselves be held with empty promises, but prefer to take the change into our own hands," said the organizers.

Already on Saturday, the demonstrators had accused the auto industry, too long on climate-damaging combustion engines and large city SUVs have set to make sales. The criticism was also directed at politics. Priority was given to pedestrian and bicycle traffic, a strong expansion of buses and trains and climate-neutral traffic by 2035. On September 20, the Federal Government's Climate Cabinet plans to present its package of measures.


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