In Toulon, after having gathered on Saturday, the families of the sailors of La Minerve, a submarine disappeared in 1968 partially recovered in July, will pay them a tribute at sea over the wreck, Sunday.


Sunday afternoon, more than 260 members of families of sailors of La Minerve will go to the place where this submarine disappeared one day of January 1968, off the coast of Toulon.

In this tribute to the helicopter carrier Le Tonnerre, which intervenes nearly two months after the location of the submarine by an American ship, the Minister of Armies Florence Parly will be present and a wreath on behalf of the President of the Republic will be thrown at the sea.

"To us to make our way"

"I can not imagine that I will be facing the Minerva, in front of my husband," says Therese Scheirmann-Descamps, whose husband is one of 52 sailors missing in the disaster. "It's going to be a very hard time," say the widow of Jules, 29 years old at the time of the sinking. She was present in Toulon, Saturday, during a first ceremony of meditation.

"It's appalling, but I am still, I am soothed to know that they have been located and that we can recover," she continues at the microphone of Europe 1. "They now have their burial as it's up to us to make our way and to be able to continue, we've never forgotten them, and now I'm going to live, soothed. "