"Afghanistan is the closest peace in the past 18 years" UN support team representative negotiation evaluation September 16, 6:22


Special representative of Tadatsu Yamamoto, head of the United Nations Afghanistan Support Group, said that the peace negotiations between the US government and the anti-government armed forces Taliban were canceled, but "the situation is closest to peace in the past 18 years." , Emphasized the idea of ​​the United Nations to give full support for the resumption of negotiations.

As for Afghanistan, the US government has announced that it has entered into a peace talk with the anti-government armed forces Taliban and has agreed in principle in a draft peace agreement this month, but the negotiations have been canceled due to the terrorist case by the Taliban.

In this regard, Special Secretary General Yamamoto Tadashi Yamamoto of the United Nations Afghan Support Group said in an interview with NHK: “The discussion between the US and the Taliban has been shelved, but it has been the closest to peace in the past 18 years. "I highly valued the negotiations that took place for almost a year.

On the other hand, according to Yamamoto, the draft that the US and Taliban agreed in principle is that the withdrawal of the US military and the fact that Afghanistan will not be used by international terrorist organizations, the withdrawal of the military does not affect security. I showed the view that it will be implemented step by step.

Furthermore, if an agreement is realized between the United States and the Taliban, the next step is to start a full-scale peace negotiations to discuss a ceasefire between the Afghan government and the Taliban. He stressed the idea that the United Nations will give full support for the resumption of the project.