The United Arab Emirates strongly condemned yesterday's terrorist attack on two Aramco plants in Abqaiq province and the Khurais migration in Saudi Arabia, leading to two controlled fires.

The United Arab Emirates condemned this act of terrorism and sabotage as new evidence of terrorist groups' attempts to undermine security and stability in the region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation affirmed the UAE's full solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to stand with it in a row against any threat to its security and stability, and support in all measures taken to maintain its security and the safety of its citizens and residents on its territory. The statement added that the security of the UAE and the security of Saudi Arabia are indivisible, and that any threat or danger facing the Kingdom is considered by the state as a threat to the security and stability system in the UAE.

The Saudi Interior Ministry announced yesterday, the control of two fires in two factories belonging to Aramco in the province of Abqaiq and Khurais migration, as a result of being targeted by drones (Dron).

The Saudi Press Agency quoted the security spokesman at the Ministry of Interior as saying: At four o'clock in the morning on Saturday, the industrial security teams of Aramco company started two fires in two plants belonging to the company in Abqaiq and Khurais immigration, as a result of targeting them with drones (Dron), where the control of the fire The competent authorities have initiated an investigation into this.

For its part, condemned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and strongly condemned the terrorist act that targeted two Aramco factories in the province of Abqaiq and Khurais migration in Saudi Arabia.

The Foreign Ministry stressed the Kingdom of Bahrain's unwavering stance, and its standing in line with Saudi Arabia, against terrorism in all its forms and against anyone who attempts to compromise its security or threaten its stability and support it in its measures to protect its institutions, defend its interests, and support it in "It is playing a major role and playing a pivotal role in combating terrorism and enhancing regional and international security and stability."

In turn, an official source at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed “Kuwait's strong condemnation of the two attacks on two Aramco facilities.

The source pointed out that `` the State of Kuwait, while condemning in the strongest terms the sabotage attack that targeted the security and stability of the brotherly Saudi Arabia and the global energy supplies, to reiterate its call on the international community to exert double efforts to curb such attacks and prevent their recurrence. ''

He also affirmed that the State of Kuwait stands fully with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and supports it in all that would preserve its security and territorial integrity.

The Arab Parliament condemned in the strongest terms the cowardly terrorist attack that targeted two Saudi Aramco plants. In turn, Egypt, Jordan and Britain condemned the terrorist attack, while the international envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, expressed serious concern about the attacks on the two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

For his part, condemned the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia John Abizaid, yesterday, the terrorist attack by drones on oil facilities belonging to Saudi Aramco, and said that the attacks "unacceptable behavior."

"The United States strongly condemns the drone attacks on two oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais migration," Abizaid was quoted by the embassy account as saying. These attacks on vital infrastructure, which endanger civilians, are unacceptable and, sooner or later, will result in the loss of innocent lives. ”

Saudi Interior Ministry:

«Control of two fires in two factories (Aramco), as a result of being targeted by drones».

«Arab and international condemnation of the terrorist attack on Saudi Aramco labs».