The political leadership of the Sölvesborg Samstyret caused headlines and debate in the week since the municipality decided to change the former flag policy according to more traditional principles.

Among other things, the new policy means no to raise the Pride flag, something that was previously done in connection with the Pride week in Blekinge. Instead, the municipality should mainly adhere to the city coat of arms and the Swedish flag.

One of those who criticized the decision during Friday is Sophia Ahlin, vice-president of the Open Moderates and chair of Karlskrona Pride.

She called the decision "a mockery" - and now also chooses to operationally manifest itself against the new direction in Sölvesborg.

Next year, she is planning a Pride Parade in the municipality - something that has never been arranged there.

- It will be on Friday during Pridev week. On Saturday we drive as usual in Karlskrona. The decision has already been made on our board, she says.

Donated the flag

Sophia Ahlin thinks that the plans cannot be stopped and says that the need for a Pride Parade seems particularly great in Sölvesborg after the recent debate.

- Neither the police nor the municipality can hinder the plans. They can make whatever flag decisions they want, but we work on the basis of the Constitution, ”she says.

According to Ahlin, it was Karlskrona Pride who together with RFSL once donated the rainbow flag to Sölvesborg.

- Instead of being thrown into some storage, it can now be returned to us, so we can use it during the parade. After all, they haven't even paid for it.