Susana Gallardo and Manuel Valls, along with Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa at the party. GTRES

Three days of wedding, The Mother-in-Law Whore and a Pronovias dress?

The best of Menorca are the exclusive parties that nobody knows. On the quieter island of the Balearic Islands, many celebrities and millionaires are home, but nobody knows anything. They are not heard to be heard or hardly seen, but in those privileged farms on the shore of the Mediterranean, while the Mestral hits hard, dinners are organized that have nothing to envy to those of Ibiza, Marbella or Saint Tropez. We have learned about the preboda cocktail offered by Manuel Valls and Susana Gallardo , but seeing the atmosphere and the discretion with which the couple is taking the three days that the celebrations of their bond will last, it could well have been one of those secret and exclusive evenings that nobody talks about.

The preboda cocktail was celebrated Friday at the Binifadet Wineries , in the municipality of Ses Barraques, and he was attended by a hundred guests, who were already on the island, most of them staying in different luxury hotels. The couple arrived at the cocktail in a mini black convertible driven by the groom, dressed in brown pants and white shirt in conjunction with her long summer dress.

Manuel Valls and Susana Gallardo, upon arrival at the cocktail party.

The couple was accompanied by their children, Benjamin, Ugo and the twins Joachim and Alice , which Valls had with teacher Nathalie Soulié ; and Gabriela, Alberto and Marta , who Gallardo had with Alberto Palatchi during the 30 years of their marriage.

Among the guests were Isabel Preysler , wearing a Bardot neckline dress and printed in yellows, blues and pinks, and her boyfriend, Mario Vargas Llosa ; the journalist Pedro Jota Ramírez and his wife the lawyer Cruz Sánchez de Lara ; Catalan businessmen like José Creuheras , president of Grupo Planeta, and his wife, Columna Martí ; Felix Revuelta , owner of Naturhouse; and French politicians, friends and colleagues from Valls when he was Prime Minister of the French country. Those who were not invited, as Manuel Valls himself has already advanced, have been Albert Rivera and Malú .

With that cocktail as a prelude, the wedding is celebrated on Saturday at her estate in Binidalí , Mahón, where the civil liaison and a dinner party will take place. Tomorrow Sunday they will offer a meal at the Binisafúa Yacht Club , one of the favorite places of Valls and Gallardo in Menorca, with a menu focused on Mediterranean cuisine.

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