The south of the province of Alicante and a good part of the Region of Murcia remained in an emergency situation on Saturday, pending the flood of the Segura River and the last blows of the DANA that has hit the southeast of Spain for almost 72 hours, claiming the lives of six people - the last one, a 41-year-old man who was located at noon in the area of ​​La Matanza, in Orihuela - and forcing at least 3,500 to evacuate.

With the improvement of the time, the material devastation became even more evident, and although the material destruction is still very difficult to quantify, the Governing Council of the Region of Murcia, held extraordinarily on Saturday already announced that it has decided to request the Catastrophic Zone Declaration for the entire Region.

Murcia President Fernando López Miras recalled that, since last Thursday, "our municipalities live a nightmare that has not happened yet" and from its Executive - even being a "premature" calculation - it was estimated at 25 million euros only the damage caused on roads. To this, it will be necessary to add the investment destined to recover other seriously damaged infrastructures, transports and houses in a Murcia «submerged to a large extent under the water».

Shortly thereafter, the acting minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, said that the Government of Spain will value that statement.

Although the request was not formal from the Valencian Community, President Ximo Puig had an impact on the "enormous" economic impact of these floods, since Vega Baja "is the orchard of Europe and it depends on the work of thousands of people »And assured that the regional Executive has« the commitment »of the President of the Government in office to help the affected areas.

Precisely, Pedro Sánchez flew over the affected areas today and met with the different Advanced Command Posts to learn first-hand the dimensions of this catastrophe, accompanied by the acting ministers of Agriculture, Luis Planas, and Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

After moving from Orihuela to the Murcia municipality of Los Alcázares, Sánchez said that the Government of Spain "will help recover and rebuild the affected areas," although he said it is still too early to assess all the damage.

From the Valencian Government, its Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi Spain, reported that the Generalitat is preparing a balance sheet of “all the infrastructures that have been damaged” in the Vega Baja region as a result of the episode of cold drop, with the aim of "prioritizing repairs", although he stressed that the most important thing "is the safety of people."

A total of 34 roads remained cut in the Valencian Community and Renfe suspended several services of its trains in this territory, as well as in neighboring Murcia, in a day with no option to reduce tension. "We have to be aware that there are still some difficult hours," said Spain in Orihuela.

Meanwhile, in Murcia, almost all of its 45 municipalities ended up suffering the consequences of this storm and tried to overcome it with difficulties, since, according to the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Luengo, the region does not have enough means to deal with this catastrophe ».

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