Prosecutor ’s relative ’s man is restrained or the suspicion goes on. South Korean prosecution September 14 at 17:37

The prosecution over the unclear suspicion of investment in the family of the Korean law minister Cho Guk is attracting attention as to whether the suspicion of the suspicion will be constrained by constraining the relatives of Cho Ho, who are thought to be deeply involved in investment.

This problem is pointed out that the company that manages the funds of the wife of the Korean law minister Cho Guk was making an uncertain investment.

The Korean prosecutor detained Cho ’s relative, a man who was the central figure of the company, on the 14th on suspicion of embezzlement.

The Korean media reported that the amount invested in the name of Cho Ho's wife and children was about 100 million yen in Japanese yen.

Also, when Cho was acting as chief assistant of Cheong Wa Dae, companies that received investment from this company received orders for many public works, and the prosecution is examining the circumstances and the flow of funds etc. is.

This man stayed abroad after allegations were pointed out, but when he returned to Japan, he was detained at Incheon Airport and the prosecution listens to the situation in detail.

The Moon government has prosecuted the prosecution reform because the prosecution's authority is too strong, and Choh ’s ministry has also taken a stance of narrowing down the authority.

Under such circumstances, this restraint is a form that shows a strong attitude of prosecution to clarify the suspicion, and attention is being paid to whether the suspicion will be elucidated in the future, such as the relationship between Cho Cho and orders.