Chiba Takomachi September 14 17:47

Tako-cho, Chiba Prefecture, where water cuts off due to a typhoon, takes time to recover from TEPCO's response alone. Started.

In Tako-cho, Chiba, due to a power outage, the pump installed in the well called “intake well” that draws water from the basement stops working. The water outage continued.

For this reason, Tako-cho will take time to recover from TEPCO's response alone, procuring generators from the country, etc. and installing them at four locations such as the “Kuga No. 3 intake well” I started pumping up.

Through such efforts and restoration from power outages, the water outage in the town gradually disappeared and decreased to 55% of the total as of 8 am on the 14th.

On the other hand, according to the announcement by TEPCO, Takomachi is expected to recover from the power outage on the 20th, so the town is requesting the government to support two more generators.

Mayor Tokoro Tokoro told NHK's interview that “I want to eliminate power outages as soon as possible, but at least I want to respond so that only water outages can be resolved”.