Riyadh (dpa) - Several drone strikes hit Saudi Arabia's biggest oil refinery on Saturday night, triggering fires.

A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Interior told the state news agency SPA that drone strikes on two complexes of the state oil company Saudi Aramco in Bakiak and Churais have broken fire. The fires are now under control.

The attacks were known by the Houthi rebels from neighboring Yemen. The attack with ten drones was a "legitimate response" to the ongoing military campaign in Saudi Arabia in Yemen, said a military spokesman for the Houthis. "We promise the Saudi regime that our next operation will be bigger and more painful," military spokesman Jahia Saria said on Saturday. It is the largest use so far in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is leading a military coalition in Yemen fighting against the Houthis. These are supported by Iran and keep large parts of the North Yemen including the capital Sanaa under control. In recent months, the Houthis have already made several attacks with drones on oil pipelines and airports in Saudi Arabia.

Bakiak is located approximately 330 kilometers northeast of the Saudi capital Riyadh. According to the state oil company Saudi Aramco, the complex is the largest oil refinery in the group. According to the company, the complex plays a central role in the Group's daily oil production. Whether the attacks affected production was not clear at first. In Churais is one of the largest oil fields in Saudi Arabia.

Photos and videos on social media showed how flames spewed out of buildings in several parts of a refinery. The night sky was brightly lit by the fires.

Saudi Aramco

Yemeni television station al-Masirah