Drone attack on the world's largest oil facility Saudi Arabia 14 September 17:27

The state-run news agency reported that the world's largest oil facility in eastern Saudi Arabia was attacked by a drone and a fire broke out. Although the detailed situation has not been clarified, it has attracted attention due to the impact on global oil prices depending on the situation of damage.

According to Saudi Arabia's state-run news report on the 14th, two oil facilities of Abkhaik and Kryce state oil company “Saudi Aramco” in eastern Saudi Arabia were attacked by a drone and a fire broke out.

Among them, the images taken at Abu Kaiku can confirm the appearance of multiple smoke rising from the facility.

Abu Kaiku has a facility for refining the crude oil produced for export, with a processing capacity of 7 million barrels per day, which is the world's largest lifeline for crude oil exports in Saudi Arabia.

In the drone attack, an anti-government force called the "Fusi" that opposes Saudi Arabia in neighboring Yemen is targeting oil facilities, and last month it attacked an eastern oil field more than 1000 kilometers away from the controlled area, demonstrating its capabilities. did.

The “Fushi” faction has not revealed its involvement so far, but the Yemeni media has announced that it will make a statement soon.

The detailed situation of attacks on oil facilities has not been clarified, and depending on the situation of damage, it has attracted attention because it will have an impact on the world crude oil price.