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Two oil facilities of Saudi giant Aramco have been targeted by a drone attack on Saturday morning, the official Saudi press agency SPA reported, citing the Interior Ministry.

"At 04.00 hours (03.00 hours, Spanish time), the Aramco industrial security teams have intervened in two fires at two of their facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais, " said the agency, adding that the "two fires were controlled" . After the attack, an investigation has been opened, according to the same source, which has not given details about the origin of the drones.

At the moment, the attack has not been claimed .

Yemeni rebels, backed by Iran, often claim drone or missile fire at Saudi targets. They claim to act in retaliation for air attacks by the Saudi-led coalition, which intervenes in Yemen in support of pro-government forces.

The coalition, which has intervened against Houthi rebels since 2015, has confirmed some of these attacks and denied others.

On August 17, Houthi rebels announced that they had perpetrated an attack with 10 drones, "the most massive ever launched in Saudi Arabia", against the Shaybah camp (in the east of the country), which caused a "limited" fire , according to Aramco, in a gas installation, without causing injuries.

On May 14, the Houthis, who control vast areas in Yemen, claimed a drone attack in the Riyadh region against two oil extraction stations linking the east and west of the kingdom, the world's first oil exporter. This attack led to the temporary interruption of operations in the pipeline and aggravated tensions in the Gulf region.

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