The French police have arrested at least 35 people during a protest of the 'Yellow Hesjes' in the city of Nantes. In confrontations between riot police and activists, five officers and certainly two demonstrators were injured.

Prior to the protest, with around 1,800 demonstrators, more than 20 molotov cocktails were found during inspections and preventive safety measures.

During the demonstration, the campaigners threw all kinds of objects at the police. He then used tear gas against the crowd. A group of demonstrators also destroyed shops and bus booths and set fire to trash cans.

The 'Yellow Hesjes' were created on the internet last fall, mainly in response to the sharp increases in fuel prices that the government said it was serving the environment.

The movement has raised hundreds of thousands of demonstrators for months, but has since contracted considerably. This is partly a result of the withdrawal of unpopular measures by the government of President Macron. The 'Gele Hesjes' also became divided among themselves.


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