"Golden toilet" stolen from the palace on display September 15th, UK at 8:46

The “golden toilet”, which was produced in 18 gold with the motif of the disparity between the rich and the poor, was stolen from the British palace on display, and the palace apologized and called for a return.

Stolen was the “golden toilet” produced by Italian artist Maurizio Cateran.

Named "America", this work was created using 18K gold with the gap between rich and poor as a motif, and was displayed in the toilet three years ago so that visitors could use it at a museum in New York.

Last year, the museum in New York attracted much attention because President Trump was asked to lend Van Gogh's work to decorate the White House and refused to say “Golden toilets can be lent”.

From the 12th of this month, it was exhibited at Blenheim Palace near Oxfordshire in the south of England, but the palace revealed that the golden toilet was stolen on the 14th.

According to the British public broadcaster BBC, someone was intruding in two or more cars, cutting the pipes and stealing them, so the site was flooded.

The police arrested a 66-year-old man who was suspected to be involved in the incident, but no work was found.

Blenheim Palace, also known as a World Heritage Site, is known as the place where the former Prime Minister Churchill was born.