“I think this decision is due to the fact that Donald Trump recently thawed a program of military assistance to Ukraine. Within the framework of this program, the delivery of these Javelin anti-tank missile systems was just featured. That is, it must be understood here that Ukraine buys them not for its money, but for credit funds. In fact, the US is simply stimulating its military-industrial complex, ”the expert said.

He also noted that the Javelin complexes are not offensive, but "exclusively defensive weapons."

“An important factor is that the Americans simply give Ukraine these facilities. Javelin are modern, they can be disassembled by cogs, see, apply. In this situation, you just need to take into account the factor that these complexes will now be in Ukraine, ”said Topornin.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced its intention to directly purchase Javelin anti-tank missile systems from the United States starting in 2019.