Hundreds of students demonstrate in front of the White House in Washington for climate protection.
Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who is currently in the US, is participating in the protests.
Greta Thunberg spends six days in the US capital. She accuses US President Donald Trump of ignoring the scientific findings on global warming.
The demonstrators are calling for the US government to act. "Time is running out," says a sign.
A woman is holding up a poster in front of the White House with the image of Greta Thunberg.
The Fridays for Future protests in the US usually involve far fewer young people than protests in Europe. Greta Thunberg is by far not as famous in the US as in European countries.
A protester calls with a poster to listen to the science.
"Climate change is deadly," says elsewhere.
Greta Thunberg tends to hold back during the protest in Washington.
At the end of the assembly, she calls on the activists: "Never give up - we'll go on!"
"Nature does not need people, humans need nature," is a message from the demonstrators.
Another poster says, "When we start to act, hope is everywhere".

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has demonstrated with several hundred children and teenagers in front of the White House in Washington for more climate protection. "Never give up - we'll go on!" she called to her young colleagues at the end of the meeting. Overall, she stayed in the protest but rather in the background.

Thunberg spends six days in the US capital. The young Swede has criticized Trump's attitude to global warming. She accuses him of ignoring scientific knowledge about global warming. Trump casts doubt on the manmade climate change.

Thunberg arrived in New York at the end of August and since then has participated in a series of actions and meetings in the US. For reasons of climate protection, she traveled across the Atlantic in a sailboat.

In Washington, Thunberg will be awarded a prize by the human rights organization Amnesty International next week. She will also appear in a congressional hearing at the invitation of the opposition Democrats. At the beginning of next week, Thunberg will take part in a climate summit of the United Nations in New York.