The mayor of the small village of Porta had the unpleasant surprise to see that the Principality of Andorra has nibbled 24 hectares of its commune this summer, by installing a series of boundary markers. He wants to appeal to Emmanuel Macron, traveling Friday in the Principality.

"It's crazy !". The mayor of Porta, a small village of 12 inhabitants in the Pyrénées-Orientales bordering with Andorra, is out of it. While taking his summer vacation, border markers were installed by the neighboring country on the territory of his commune. Result: France has lost 24 hectares of territory.

Despite the Napoleonic plan that Marius Hugon retains in town hall, Andorra's new landmarks are pushing back the territory of his commune by about fifty meters. The source of Ariège is henceforth in Andorran territory, and the lake of Font-Nègre, where he and his citizens sometimes come to fish, is cut in two. "If I throw a good shot [my hook], I will get to the middle of the lake, so in Andorra, and I risk a record," he says at the microphone of Europe 1. "I want to the French State which did not support us, nor defend the border as it was formerly ".

"Next time, they just have to give the whole community!"

"It hurts my heart," continues the edile. "When I arrive on this site, because I usually come here for a walk, it has become an Andorran territory, I almost have tears in my eyes". "Next time, they only have to give all the commune, so I'll be Andorran," he adds, even in the West-France columns. An anger also shared by Henri, a resident of Porta: "It's a shame to see that we are stolen from the territory! It is not possible!"

If the mayor has not been invited to move Emmanuel Macron this Friday, he intends to ask the President of the Republic - and Co-Prince of Andorra - that it surrenders to his commune lands nibbled by the Principality of Andorra.