- This year we will go all the way. Third year happy, says head coach Madeleine Östling.

Her Linköping fell last year in the World Cup finals against Luleå in a initially even match series, which then fell to Luleå's favor. This year, there is not as much lead in the team as international big stars. Instead, it is hard work, mixed with a mix of routine and youthful enthusiasm that will make the team successful.

- I feel that I have an incredibly good team with good characters and a good attitude, says Madeleine Östling.

Messy in the line

But the preseason has been glorious. Especially off the ice - in the sporting leadership.

In May, Kim Martin Hasson left his position as head of sports. Josef Nilsson was recruited - but said quick and less hilarious just a month ago. Kim Martin Hasson was recalled again.

- I resigned for one reason, that I was done with it (the sports manager job), but it was difficult to say no when the senior managers heard, says Kim Martin Hasson.

Now she shares the role of sports manager with head coach Madeleine Östling.

How long will you stay as a sports manager?

- Until we find someone else. The idea is definitely not to continue until next season, says Kim Martin Hasson.

But the two sports chiefs seem to have found harmony together, in the least crowded office. Hear what they like about each other in the video above.