Boat fires in the United States 34 deaths Japanese name is also September 13 11:02

On the 2nd of this month off the coast of Western California, the local police announced the names of people who were confirmed dead on the fire of a boat that killed 34 people, including divers. The Japanese Consulate General is confirming the fact that there was a name that appeared to be Japanese.

Off the coast of Santa Cruz Island in Western California, USA, a fire broke out on a boat carrying diving passengers on the 2nd of this month. Five crew members were rescued, but the boat sank and 34 people died. Did.

On this day, the local police held a press conference on the 12th and announced the names of those who were confirmed dead.

Among them, there was a name that seems to be a Japanese named Yuko Hatano who lives in San Jose, California. For this reason, the local Japanese consulate general is confirming.