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This is how the municipality's costs for the school are proposed to be reduced


Falkenberg Municipality will reduce its costs and most of the millions will be proposed to be taken from school operations. Fredric Hillertz at the Teachers' Union believes that there are some controversial proposals in the administration's list.

All committees in Falkenbergs will propose how to reduce costs by 2 percent. Since the child and education administration, with a budget of approximately SEK 1.1 billion, accounts for the largest expenditure, at least in theory even where most millions are to be saved - namely 22.8 million.

In the school principal Stigert Pettersson's list of conceivable savings, the largest, five million, is made on the school food. But there are more controversial proposals, says Fredric Hillertz at the Teachers' Union.

- For example, to buy fewer services from the service management. The risk is that teachers in preschool and leisure may pick up food instead of teaching the children. It is an incredible mistake and waste of expertise in a time of teacher shortage, he says.

With such a measure, the administration expects to save 1.8 million. Another suggestion that raises the unions in the eyebrows is a saving of 3.5 million for purchases and continuing education.

- The problem is that already in the last saving, the cost of teaching materials has been reduced. And if we have iPads and can't buy licenses for educational materials, the tool is pretty pointless, says Fredric Hillertz.

Village schools may be in danger

Savings are also proposed for local costs and the big question is whether rural schools are now allowed to step foot. A saving of SEK 4 million is seen as possible through a change in the organization.

- It is not possible to read it without thinking that this is a question that you may want to close some units, says Fredric Hillertz.

Savings of SEK 4.4 million are also proposed for adult education and upper secondary school.

- They are simply thinking of depleting high school. You want to reduce the students' opportunities to choose different directions and choices. Obviously, this will have an impact on the number of employees, says Fredric Hillertz.

According to the instructions of the assignment, the proposals should "as far as possible not affect the staff density in school and care". Savings should preferably be made possible with the help of new technology. But at present it is not entirely clear, even for the inmates, what savings are relevant.

- It says very fuzzy, says Fredric Hillertz.

In the clip above you will hear more about how he looks at the proposals.

On Friday, September 13, all committees will present their decisions on proposals.

Source: svt

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