“This is an unsubstantiated statement. The fact that Nord Stream 2 is beneficial to Europe has already been said by all economists and politicians in Europe, which will receive this gas. Transit is much cheaper than LNG (liquefied natural gas. - RT ) ... I am convinced that this is an extremely profitable project for Europe, ”Ananskih said.

The deputy recalled that Europe currently has no alternative to transit gas. That is why, according to Anansky, Zelensky needs to expand energy cooperation between Ukraine.

“As the president of a large country, it is important for him (Zelensky. - RT ) that the cost of Ukrainian products is cheaper ... If he has other options for reducing the cost of gas, then he should expand cooperation,” the parliamentarian emphasized.

Earlier, Zelensky at a press conference following a meeting with his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinistö called the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project a threat to Europe.