Since 2011, the Stockholm Police have launched a series of investigations linked to shootings in the criminal environment. But SVT Stockholm's review shows that not every fifth investigation led to a conviction.


Our review shows: Few of the murders have been solved.

Police on the perpetrators: "They are most violent"

According to the Crime Prevention Council's latest report, deadly violence is now at the highest level since the mid-1990s in the criminal environment. Those who shoot are at large violent capital but according to the police they do not belong to established gangs.

- When you go up in structure you want to get away from the violence. It only attracts the eyes of the authorities, says Gunnar Appelgren, a gang expert with the Stockholm police.


The research shows that it is those who are most disorganized who are the most violent.

"If you choose to tell, it should be worth something"

The voices on how to stop the shooting are many and high. The Government will now investigate the possibility of anonymous witnesses, Crown witnesses and extended witness protection in order for more people to dare to participate in the investigations.

Gunnar Appelgren of the police welcomes the introduction of penalties for so-called crown witnesses.


Gunnar Appelgren hopes that the opportunity for Crown witnesses will become a reality. Photo: TT