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The cold drop or DANA , which since Monday affects the Mediterranean peninsular arch and the Balearic Islands and has forced to suspend classes in Castellón and Valencia and close the ports of Sagunto and Gandía, intensifies in the coming days in the Valencian Community and Murcia , where Aemet has decreed the red alert.

The Murcian Government has activated the Special Plan for Civil Protection against Floods in its Pre-emergency phase, with a total of 500 troops, which could be extended to a thousand, in addition to the entire staff of the Local Police. In addition, he has advised the municipalities of the 45 municipalities of the community to close schools and nurseries on Thursday and has postponed the outdoor events planned for today by the festivities in the capital and the festivals of Thursday and Friday, which pass to Sunday and Monday.

As of today, torrential rains of up to 90 l / m 2 could be recorded in one hour and 180 l / m 2 in 12 hours in the Valencian Community and in the Region of Murcia.

Likewise, heavy rains and storms are expected in other areas of the peninsular southeast, belonging to the Community of Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia . On the other hand, the wind, both on land and on the coast, remains very strong in the areas affected by DANA.

In the face of heavy rains, Civil Protection advises drivers to slow down, take precautions and not stop in areas where a large amount of water can flow. If you have to travel, it is recommended to travel mainly on main roads and highways.

In case of sudden storms and heavy rains Civil Protection advises to take into account the place where vehicles are parked and insists the rapid rise in water level can damage vehicles parked on flood areas and drag them and cause damage to other people's property and even hinder the natural flow of the current.

If it starts to rain in a torrential way, he insists that there is a risk of flooding and he advises not to cross the flooded sections with a vehicle or on foot, because it is unknown what may be under the water and locate the highest points of area. He also advises not to try to save the car in the middle of a flood.

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