Sharp acquisition Mr. Hong Hai Guo thought of leaving the party or announced the candidacy for the presidential election September 12 19:01


Mr. Guo Tai Mei, the founder of Hong Hai Precision Industry in Taiwan, who acquired Sharp, revealed his intention to leave the largest opposition party and the National Party, and expressed his intention to stand for the next presidential election in January next year. The way you look is getting stronger.

The presidential election of Taiwan in January next year is scheduled to run from the ruling party and the Democratic Party as the current president, Ei Bun Wei, and from the largest opposition party and the national party, Mayor Kaohsiung, Korea. Mr. Guo Tai Mei, who belongs to the KMT, has shown a strong willingness to run.

Under these circumstances, when more than 30 leaders of the National Party posted a statement on Guo ’s candidacy in a newspaper dated on the 12th, Guo said through the office, “We prioritize their interests over the party.” Critics have clarified the idea of ​​leaving the Nationalist Party, and there is an increasing view that they may express their intention to stand up without being affiliated.

In order for Mr. Guo to stand for no affiliation, it is necessary to report from 13th to 17th of this month and collect signatures of approximately 280,000 voters.

Mr. Guo is known as a charismatic manager in Taiwan and is deeply connected with the Chinese political and business circles, but he also has close friendship with President Trump in the United States. Part of the non-partisan group is expected to be included, and attention is being paid to Mr. Guo's trend.