Should he be re-elected next week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to annex the Jordan Valley. A campaign promise that the EU has already declared illegal under international law. An annexation would worsen the strained situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians and make a two-state solution almost impossible. On the issue of Netanyahu's announcement and the excitement before the Israeli general election, Ole Pflüger talked to Lissy Kaufmann, a freelance journalist in Tel Aviv.

Four people died last week in a traffic accident in Berlin. He has triggered a debate about SUVs, but also about traffic safety and how to deal with each other on the road. Elisabeth Raether, who headed the Political Department of the ZEIT, was an eyewitness to the accident and wrote in the current ZEIT about the unbalanced relationship among road users. In the podcast, she explains why road traffic offenses are barely tracked.

And otherwise? Dislike record on YouTube.

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