You can say that there are two types of cyclists in Uppsala - those who use bicycle helmets and those who do not.

At the Academic Hospital in Uppsala, you get about 100 cases every year where people have suffered serious head injuries, of which just over two percent of these come from bicycle accidents.

"Stupid not to use bicycle helmet"

Minor shell accidents, such as concussions, they receive several cases daily, but here are several types of accidents from across the county. Although the bicycle accidents with serious output are relatively few, all cyclists are encouraged to wear a helmet.

- We think it is a bit silly for the bicycle helmet is an easy way to protect against head injuries in cycling accidents. But it may be a habit, perhaps, that you do not wear a helmet, says Anders Lewén, chief physician at the neurosurgeon at the Academic Hospital.

How bad can it go if you fall off a bike?

- It is clear that if you are really unlucky you may not be able to do it. We have had a couple of deaths in the last ten years after bicycle accidents. But most of the time things are still quite good for the patients.

More dangerous for children and young people

However, Anders Lewén views the trend of young people and children in a problematic situation where many people choose not to wear a bicycle helmet. He believes that more parents should encourage their children to wear helmets for several reasons.

- It may be a little tough not to use helmets, but we have to reach these young people as their brains and skulls are extra sensitive. If you get a head injury as a young person, it can be very dramatic.

Why is it like that?

- Children's brains have a larger volume simply in relation to the volume of the skull. So if there is a swelling or bleeding it will take up more space which can create high pressure in the skull which can be difficult to treat.