• Migrants. The Ocean Viking awaits a safe haven
  • Zingaretti: "The Ocean Viking must land without ifs and buts"


12 September 2019The Ocean Viking continues to sail between Lampedusa and Malta awaiting answers from Rome or La Valletta to its request sent yesterday of a safe port to disembark the rescued people. On board the ship there are 82 migrants, after a woman who was pregnant on the ninth month of her pregnancy and her husband were evacuated to Malta by helicopter yesterday.

The Sos Mediterranée and Doctors Without Borders ship, in the absence of answers, could decide to return to the Libyan search and rescue zone to continue its rescue activity.

"There are - says Msf - 82 vulnerable people aboard the Ocean Viking who are waiting for a safe harbor: 58 men, 6 women, 17 minors and a one year old child. Who knows how many others will lose their lives in the Mediterranean while EU states deliberate on their destiny ".

Mediterranea asks everyone to come down
#Have them all down. It is the appeal launched on Twitter by Mediterranea Saving Humans that calls for "a safe haven for the landing" of the 82 Ocean Viking survivors who remained aboard the ship.