Elche on the Spanish East Coast is known as the city of palm trees and parks. But today, the city is unrecognizable and the authorities have warned residents of the area to stay outdoors.

- The soil does not have time to absorb the large amount of water in such a short time, as the soil is usually so dry and lies like a hard cake, he says.

The rain does not let fall

The "hard cake" means that the water does not sink into the ground, but instead forms heavy floods. And the situation will get worse before the heat makes a comeback on the Spanish solar coast. Tomorrow, new downpours await. Ronnie is not worried but at the same time feels respect for the severe weather:

- I am not personally so affected by this, but it is not immediately so that you want to get in the car and drive now. It is incredibly stupid to challenge the forces of nature, he says.

"Could play water polo here now ..."

Ronnie describes a normally active life where you spend a lot of time outdoors.

- For the sake of unusualness, I get to spend some time indoors, I could more or less play water polo here right now.

Are people worried?

- Of course. Above all, many Scandinavians may have houses down here and are at home now. Of course, you want to know that everything is right with loved ones and that the house is not damaged or flooded.

Ronnie ends with a warning to Swedes located in Spain:

- Spaniards are in control of the situation and know what measures to take in these extreme storms, but we foreigners do not have the same knowledge of this down here. These large bodies of water have tremendous power and carry everything in their path.