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Raids and Confiscations: Experts: Fighting Clan Crime Shows Impact


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Diez (dpa) - The increased fight against clan crime shows according to experts effect. "For example, some Ruhrgebiet cities observe that the measures have created more security," said the Federal Chairman of the Federal German Detective Agency (BDK).

"We also get more insights," said BDK boss Sebastian Fiedler to the German Press Agency on.

The criminology professor Dorothee Dienstbühl commented similarly. "The behavior towards police officers is moderating, the violence is at least currently back," she told the dpa before a conference on crime clans on Thursday in the Rhineland-Palatinate Diez. "The police go into operations simply with more forces pure, also uses hundreds for controls and raids."

The long underestimated crime of clans of mostly Arab or Kurdish origin is particularly evident in the Ruhr area, in Berlin, Bremen and Lower Saxony. According to Dienstbühl, the strategy of the "1000 pinpricks" of the investigators postulated by the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul (CDU) is the answer to the "conquest idea" of the clans. This «is characterized primarily by violence and border crossings».

Nevertheless, the professor of criminology at the University of Applied Sciences NRW considers it "too early to name any successes". The police have started a process. "We will see how that will develop in the months and years ahead."

BDK boss Fiedler said: "I do not see a long-term success concept." For this, the number of investigators would be increased. In the focal point Ruhr area for example there is only a two-digit number of responsible policemen.

The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) NRW had presented in mid-May, the first situation picture of clan crime in the state. The police in NRW sees 104 clans with criminal members at work. From 2016 to 2018 alone, around 6,500 suspects from the scene are said to have been responsible for more than 14,000 criminal offenses.

The intensification of searches such as the raid on around 1300 police in January in the Ruhr, confiscations of real estate such as 2018 on a large scale in Berlin and Brandenburg as well as expulsions of clan chiefs from Bremen described Fiedler as the right line. However, expulsions would be more difficult because many criminal clan members would have a German passport - or their wives. "That is legally difficult to tear families apart," said the head of the association.

The BDK was concerned that criminal clans had begun to recruit Syrian and Iraqi refugees as so-called ants for the sale of drugs to end customers. "The concern is that criminal structures are also created here," said Fiedler. Even in terms of numbers, this could be problematic.

Criminal members of the extended families live mostly isolated in parallel worlds. The criminology professor Dienstbühl explained: "Family and family values ​​still work according to tribal principles, partly from pre-Islamic times." There are references to Islam. These are always to be seen in connection with the interests of the clans. "They use religious rules, for example, for their business or to settle disputes within the structures," explained Dienstbühl.

All this leads to "the family members being silent and covering each other if they can. In addition, they perceive themselves as an elite, which deliberately secluded, »said the expert. V men, for example, barely allowed themselves to be slipped into clans, at most close by, for instance, as business partners.

According to the LKA NRW, criminal extended families are now to be networked throughout Germany and abroad. In Rhineland-Palatinate, for example, according to the Minister of the Interior Roger Lewentz (SPD), there is still no intelligence from the police on organized clan crime. But he added: "In order to detect as soon as possible whether such structures are building up, an up-to-date state-wide situation report is currently being prepared. This ensures that the police can act in a timely and consistent manner should it become necessary. "

Source: zeit

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