The Prime Minister announced on Thursday that the future draft law on pension reform will be voted "by the end of the parliamentary session next summer".

The pension reform will be the subject of "citizen consultations" from the end of September "until the end of the year", leading to a bill voted "by the end of the parliamentary session of the summer next, "announced Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Thursday. "We are determined to take all the necessary time," he told the Economic and Social Economic Council (CESE), adding that this deadline will be used to "define the target system and the generations concerned" by the "universal system". "by points wanted by Emmanuel Macron.

The head of state will launch "before the end of September" a cycle of "citizen consultations" that "will end at the end of the year", including via a "digital platform", announced Mr. Philippe.
In parallel, consultations with the social partners "will begin next week" and "last until the beginning of December".

Four themes

These discussions will focus on four themes, including the "conditions of entitlement", in particular "the important question of age (of departure) and duration (of contribution), and the" financial steering of the system ". to bring it back to balance by 2025.

On the key theme of the retirement age or contribution period, the Prime Minister announced that he would "entrust a mission to Sophie Bellon, Sodexo board chair who will be with him Jean -Manuel Soussan, director of human resources of the Bouygues Construction group, and Olivier Mériaux, former deputy general manager of the national agency for the improvement of working conditions (Anact) ".