Berlin / Wolfsburg (dpa) - The VW Group has inserted according to the findings of the Federal Ministry of Transport no illegal defeat devices in the engine software of new diesel cars.

"The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt carried out its own measurements, investigations and analyzes on these models as early as 2016," the ministry said on Thursday, referring to vehicles with engine type EA 288. The allegations against the carmaker were "not new". But: "Inadmissible defeat devices could not be determined - not even in the form of an impermissible cycle detection."

The SWR had reported citing internal VW documents, it had been installed in newer diesel engines with Euro 6 emissions standard, a program that detects whether the car is on a test bench. In the predecessor engine EA 189, which triggered the exhaust gas scandal in the fall of 2015, VW had granted such software.

Only when a test cycle was running, the exhaust system in this case completely cleaned, while otherwise allowing for significantly higher emissions in road operation. Volkswagen also denied the presentation of the report, there is a manipulation software in new cars.

SWR report