• Dana: Red alert for the storm: the Clariano river overflows in Ontinyent and forces several houses to be vacated

The Valencian town of Ontinyent, located south of the province, has become the zero zone of the storm that is ravaging the Valencian Community. The heavy rainfall, which already accumulates in the capital of Vall d'Albaida 297 liters per square meter in the last 24 hours , according to the latest records, have ended up overflowing the Clariano river as it passes through the city. The Canterería neighborhood, attached to the river, is being evacuated in the face of recorded floods and the emergency situation.

Firefighters, in fact, have rescued two people who had been trapped and 11 endowments of the Provincial Firefighters Consortium work in the Canterería neighborhood to avoid incidents in the face of historical rains, the most abundant in the city since 1917, when they began Collect rainfall data.

Firefighters work in the eviction of the Canterería de Ontinyent neighborhood after the Clariano river overflows. FRENCH NATXO

Firefighters have also rescued a person who had been trapped in a house from which part of the roof has been detached, and another has had to be removed from the slaughterhouse area, he has reported from the Fire Consortium.

In the neighborhood of Canterería firefighters work in the parks of Ontinyent, Xàtiva, Paterna, Torrent and volunteers of Vallada and Paterna, being where more problems are occurring due to the rains.

The emergency situation has forced the establishment of a zero-situation emergency due to flood risk in the Vall d'Albaida region . The situation 0 decreed in Vall d'Albaida is established when meteorological and hydrological data indicate the imminence of floods with risk to people and property.

The chief inspector of this fire department, José Miguel Basset , has detailed that the situation in the Ontinyent area, specifically in Cantereria, is "greatly affected" by the Clariano overflow and the water reaches the first floors of the houses .

He recalled that it is a neighborhood where most of the buildings have two floors, so in many cases they have chosen to confine the inhabitants to the highest floor . In addition, in the case of some houses whose structure may not withstand the onslaught of water, gateways are being installed for eviction.

Basset has remarked that the means of the Fire and Divalterra Consortium and now also the Forestry unit have been moved to offer their services.

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