The Lower Saxony Greens have spoken out in favor of a ban on balloons. "Raised balloons land in the vast majority of nature, birds and other animals eat the soft balloon remains and then starve to death with a full stomach," said the country's chairman Anne Kura the New Osnabrück newspaper. Balloons made of natural latex are therefore no alternative.

Kura responded to a decision of the city Gütersloh in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the future, the mass start of gas-filled balloons will be dispensed with in urban events and on urban areas. At private parties, balloons are still allowed. The ban was preceded by a corresponding citizen application. As an alternative, the city recommends foam clouds, soap bubbles and attached balloons. "On one side is the short beautiful picture of colorful balloons in the air, on the other of the dead birds," said Kura. "Initiatives like those from Gütersloh also help to raise awareness of the unwanted consequences of our actions."

The Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment, on the other hand, rejected the demand. "Balloons rising into the sky have always been associated with dreams and hopes, why should we take away these feelings?" Said a spokesman for Environment Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) of the NOZ. "A ban on balloons certainly does not save the world." The FDP also criticized the proposal of the Greens. "The out-bidding competition continues," said FDP faction Vice Michael Theurer. He accused the Greens of an "eco-radicalization" that is driving more and more people into the arms of the AfD.

In March, the EU adopted a ban on disposable tableware and other plastic disposable products, to be effective from 2021. Balloons are not affected by the ban. However, labels with instructions for the most environmentally friendly disposal should be prescribed.