Berlin (AP) - The opposition in the Bundestag has accused the black-red coalition of an incorrect transport policy. Politicians from Greens and FDP demanded more funds for rail, bicycle and local transport.

As can be seen from a response from the German government to a Green request, the federal government spent between 2006 and 2018 about 74 billion for the construction and maintenance of highways and highways - but only one billion euros for bike paths. On Thursday afternoon, the budget advisory service is on the agenda of the budget consultants in the Bundestag.

The Green MEP Stefan Gelbhaar told the German Press Agency, Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants no change in traffic: "The jumps in the investments in federal highways from year to year faster and faster in the air. The little money for cycling should even decline in 2020, despite loud-mouthed announcements by the minister on better cycling policy. "

However, the Federal Government refers in its answer to the fact that the Länder, districts and municipalities are responsible for the construction and maintenance of cycle paths. The federal government had invested in cycle paths along federal highways.

Gelbhaar criticized that Scheuer remained like his predecessors in the 20th century. "Every year, he concretizes billions in streets without sense. Climatic protection does not work that way, the traffic does not change at all. "

According to the draft budget for 2020, transport spending will increase by 2 per cent to 29.8 billion euros. More than half of the money, namely 17.8 billion euros, is scheduled for investment, according to the Bundestag. By far the most expenses exist for the preservation of highways and federal highways. More money is planned above all for the railways and for the expansion of the digital infrastructure. For cycling, spending of just under 100 million euros is planned - for the construction and maintenance of cycle paths on federal highways.

Green Transport politician Stephan Kühn spoke of a "standstill policy". He told dpa: "As in previous years, road construction alone benefits. This backward-looking distribution of funds shows once again that the promotion of rail, public transport and bicycle traffic does not go beyond mere lip service. "In order to tackle the climate crisis, budget funds would have to be used in the right places, namely by rail, local public transport and electromobility.

The FDP traffic politician Oliver Luksic told the dpa: "The budget draft by Minister Scheuer makes the mistakes and problems of the GroKo years visible. Rail and digital infrastructure have been neglected for too long, with projects in the countryside and in the water, the implementation is not progressing. "The Federal Government has lived in recent years of the substance.

SPD parliamentary group vice mayor Sören Bartol told dpa: "In the coming year, we will continue to invest a great deal in taxpayers' money in the removal of stevedecks, slow-moving traffic and crumbling bridges, thereby preserving and expanding our transport routes."

Bundestag on traffic budget