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Baden-Württemberg: candidate without alternative


Winfried Kretschmann reappears in the state election in 2021. One of the main reasons: There is simply no one in sight to replace it.

"The new will be the old," says Winfried Kretschmann to the question of what Baden-Württemberg can expect, when he again in 2021 at 72 years as prime minister. But there is much more support for "the old," adds Kretschmann, now - in the era of "Fridays for Future" - much more support than before.

Kretschmann and his followers also know the times when things were different. Stuttgart state veterans remember, for example, how their then group leader in the eighties was laughed at for the demand, toilet flushes should please have two push buttons - for large and small in a sense. Today is the standard. Just a few years ago, a juvenile noted portraitist, the Green Minister-President seriously complains that after a long drive the windshield is almost insect-free. In the meantime not even the today's show is laughing anymore. If the prime minister now declares: "The spruce trees can not do it, we knew that, but now the beeches are not even able to do it", then he is taken seriously. Kretschmann belongs - communist past or not - to the few true ecologists from the founding generation of his party, as strange as that sounds.

But because he always wants to heal his own left-wing past and its wild errors, for him the compromise - and especially that with the conservatives - is a democratic value in itself. Unfortunately he has to deal with the Baden-Württemberg-CDU, with which he governs since 2016, with an intellectually and politically completely withered club, which does not come beyond, to resent the "industrial accident Kretschmann". Not one of their ranks, but Kretschmann has also thought about modern conservatism in a book. After the departure of his predecessor, Erwin Teufel, it is precisely in the most bourgeois federal state in the world that no one has regrown, who could even have nearly filled the intellectual emptiness of the Christian Democrats.

Landtag Elections 2021 - Kretschmann enters Baden-Württemberg for a third term Winfried Kretschmann is the first and so far only Prime Minister of the Greens.

No ecological breakthroughs

The most remarkable thing that can be said about his green-black coalition is therefore that it exists. Not even green party friends would claim that Baden-Württemberg had achieved ecological breakthroughs under Winfried Kretschmann. There are many party friends that their prime minister was so reserved in driving bans. But Kretschmann finds the polemic against the diesel now politically fatal and ecologically inappropriate.

Political climate change also alarms him: "It is not enough to react with indignation to the fact that people vote for a populist party," he explains. His CDU colleague from Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, was "a role model". Kretschmer had pushed the in interviews already before the CDU lying AfD practically by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of half of Saxony back to second place. The country one - there are not many greens, which would have such a top priority.

The high personal costs of the office could not and did not deny the "MP". When he referred to formulas such as "My wife has kept my back to me" on the rhetorical part of the old man, the flow of speech hindered him a little. He is still curious - a quality that is unique to man. For example, foxes played until they grew up, and then "everything is pretty tight lashed". You can see him talking like that, hear the self-irony and can not help seeing one of the unspoken reasons for his renewed candidacy bulging in front of his eyes. The Greens have no one anywhere to take away office.

Source: zeit

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