While the reform of health studies promises to be one of the major projects of the start of the 2020, Europe 1 went to meet students enrolled in facs that have taken a little advance.


On the forecourt of this medical school in the center of Paris first-year students can not repeat at the end of the year ... and are rather happy. "All the comrades I know who did not have the first year were able to reorient themselves, and that's a good thing," testifies at the microphone of Europe 1 Jean-Benoit. Their situation is still a minority today: the lack of opportunity to repeat is part of the measures that the government intends to put in place ... in September.

But in Paris intramural, the Kremlin-Bicêtre, Creteil, and Brest, some universities have chosen to take a step ahead of the reform of Agnès Buzyn. As a result, in addition to the prospect of being able to enter the second year of choice in the event of failure with the average, better study conditions: fewer students in lecture halls, since there are no more repeaters.

"There is only one chance!"

Only downside: students put more pressure, with only one year to succeed. "I got up at 7 o'clock and worked a bit before coming," says Louis, the busy program. "There I go to class and after, when I go home, I will work until tonight before going to sleep .... And since there is only one chance, I have to work even harder than the others would have done before! "

But if Louis fails at the end of this first year, he can always try to return to the second year of medicine after a license of his choice .... provided to be among the best.