The University of Twente is no longer in the top 200 of the best universities in the world. The new ranking was presented on Monday evening by the British scientific journal Times Higher Education ( THE ).

The World University Rankings is an annual worldwide ranking of universities. THE assesses more than 1,300 universities from 92 countries on criteria such as how often a publication is cited and what its reputation is, measured after a survey conducted among more than 13,000 scientists.

Dutch universities have been doing less well in recent years. Two years ago, all thirteen Dutch universities were still on the list. Last year Tilburg fell out of the top 200, now followed by Twente, which means that only eleven Dutch universities are among the top in the academic world.

Editor-in-chief Phil Baty of THE is still impressed by the quality of Dutch universities. "However, this excellent reputation is under pressure. Dutch universities must ensure that they remain accessible to international students and academics."

Wageningen best Dutch university

The best Dutch university in the top 200 is that of Wageningen, just like last year, it is in 59th place in the list. The University of Amsterdam is at number 62 and the universities of Delft and Leiden share a 67th place.

The remaining Dutch universities remain roughly in the same place in the list as last year. The VU University Amsterdam is a noticeable rapid rise, rising 28 places to number 138.

Oxford best university in the world

The University of Oxford is the best university in the world. The British institute holds the top position for the fourth consecutive year. The top five is also formed by the universities of California, Cambridge, Stanford and Massachusetts.

The top 20 of the list is dominated by universities from the United States and the United Kingdom. Universities from Europe make up half of the top 200. It is striking that universities from Asian countries are emerging in the global world of elite universities.


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