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The Senate grants confidence to the Conte II government


On Monday the yellow-red government had received the trust in Montecitorio with 343 Yes and 263 No

  • The Government Count in the Senate for confidence. Voting in progress
  • The president of the Senate Casellati in Salvini: "Senator Casini concludes". And He: "No, not this .."
  • The Conte Government gains confidence in the Chamber: 343 yes, 263 no. Di Maio: "It's time for courage"
  • Bagarre at Montecitorio during Conte's reply. "Do you accuse me of treason? Is it mystification"
  • Giuseppe Conte's reply to the Chamber for trust. Hard blow and response with the League
  • Conte: "Mattarella is an indispensable reference. A new season of reform begins"
  • Pd, Zingaretti: "We turn the page, the era of populism ends"


10 September 2019 The Senate voted confidence in the Conte II government. Yes 169, against 133 and 5 abstentions. They voted in favor of the trust M5s, Pd and Leu. Outside the perimeter of the government majority, three senators for life (Monti, Cattaneo and Segre), two Maie senators, some former M5s senators now registered with Misto, some senators of the Autonomy group (others abstained). Pd Matteo Richetti and pentastellati Gianluigi Paragone abstained in dissent from the respective groups. They voted against Lega, FdI, Forza Italia.

In all, the Giallorossi majority, based on forecasts, missed at least two votes, those of the pentastellato Ciampolillo, who did not participate in the vote, and of the former M5s De Bonis, also absent at the time of the vote of confidence. Two other absences, which caused two more votes to fail for the majority, were instead given already established, is explained, as 'justified' and due to health problems. This is Senator M5s Bogo Deledda and Dem Rojc.

Two votes less than the Count 1
The 'Conte 2' government does slightly worse than the 'Conte 1'. The executive supported by M5s, Pd and Leu collects the confidence of the Senate with two fewer votes. The government "Conte 1", the executive supported by the green-yellow majority M5s-League, on 5 June 2018 had received its first confidence in the Senate with 171 votes in favor, 117 against, 25 abstentions.

Conte embraces Bonafede, applause from the majority
An applause from the majority senators and a hug with Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede, seated next to him: this is how Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte accepted the vote of confidence in his government, immediately after the proclamation of the outcome by President Casellati. At that time there was no foreign minister, Luigi Di Maio, who was sitting next to the prime minister.

Conte: a new beginning for Italy
"Parliament has voted confidence in the Government. A new beginning for Italy, a reforming season of revival and hope. Constitution and respect for the Institutions, our compass, the interests of Italians our goal. To work with courage and determination" . Thus the president of the council Giuseppe Conte comments on the vote of confidence in the Senate on Twitter.

Count: undersecretaries on Thursday? As soon as possible
"We must do as soon as possible". Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte says this to those who ask him if the appointment of the undersecretaries will arrive on the Council of Ministers scheduled for Thursday.

"Negotiation with the EU? The maneuver is done in Italy
"The maneuver is done in Italy". This is the answer of the president of the Conte council, leaving the Senate to those who asked him if his visit tomorrow to Brussels would serve to start negotiations with the EU on the next budget law. Conte, tomorrow at 10.30 am he will meet the President-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. At 11.30 the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk. At 12.30 the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, at 4.00 pm the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, and at 4.45 pm the President-elect of the European Council, Charles Michel.

Zingaretti: now the great challenge begins
"Now the big challenge begins: let's change Italy together #Senato #fiducialgoverno". The secretary of the Pd Nicola Zingaretti writes it on Twitter.

Di Maio: I was skeptical about the Democratic Party, positively surprised
"On the Democratic Party I was one of the most skeptical, I had talked about going to the vote. Then I consulted with the movement, even with Grillo, we put it to the vote, 80% of the members voted in favor of the new government. Then when I sat down at the table with the Democratic Party, I was positively surprised that we agreed on issues like minimum wages and environmental issues, without being on the right or the left, a new path can begin ". Lluigi Di Maio said this.

Renzi: right choice for Italy
"I voted 'Yes to confidence in the new government. This month, Italian politics experienced an incredible storm. Salvini's choice to ask for" full powers "and go to elections marked an inexplicable turn." This was written by Matteo Renzi on Facebook.

Fico: after a delicate phase, it is a starting point
"Good work to the President of the Council Conte and to the new government that today has obtained the confidence of the Parliament. It is a significant day for parliamentary democracy. The Constitution establishes principles and rules in a clear way also to face and resolve the government crises that can emerge during a legislature: these principles and these rules - precious bulwarks for democracy and indispensable engines of its functioning - dictate times and ways, establish prerogatives, whose respect is guaranteed by the Head of State. policies and the vote expressed by the Houses of Parliament, the Parliament has passed a delicate and uncertain phase, granting the trust to a new executive.This cannot be a point of arrival, but a starting point.The goal must be to firmly commit to the service of the country always keeping citizens' interests and the good of the community at its center. The President of the Chamber Roberto Fico writes this.

Hope: now at work for a fairer country
From this moment we have the confidence of the two rooms. It is a responsibility that I feel deeply. Now working to build a fairer country, where no one is left behind. #governodisvolta ". So via Twitter the health minister, Roberto Speranza.

The debate in the Chamber
After collecting the go-ahead from the Chamber yesterday, the second executive registered by Conte presented himself today in the Senate. The debate in the Chamber, acknowledging the speech of the President of the Council in Montecitorio, started at 10 and ended at 16. The President of the Council Giuseppe Conte took the floor in reply to the general debate on trust immediately after 4 pm, for about 40 minutes, and began by congratulating Senator Segre on her birthday, applauded by the entire hemicycle.

The confidence vote started at 6.10 pm, the voting declarations ended.

Conte's reply
"Today the President Von Der Leyen recognizes Italy as one of the most important tasks with the appointment of Paolo Gentiloni as commissioner for economic affairs, it will be an important garrison for Italy, not for the single majority in office," said Conte.

"Whoever wanted full powers considers the one who obstructed him an enemy", said the premier, interrupted several times by shouting and chanting. "Assigning one's faults to others is the most linear path to being left out of responsibility for life, a certain way, not the best, to save one's leadership. To err is human, but to give others one's faults is the best way to preserve one's leadership. leadership of your party ". Thus the premier in the reply.

"Support for agriculture, construction and automotive"
"We must defend our best agronomic practices, both traditional and biological cultures, encourage and support agricultural activities with particular regard to young people, also encourage cooperative mechanisms but not those that lend themselves to abuse," said Prime Minister Conte. "We are strongly determined to increase the country's economic growth, we are aware of the weakness of domestic demand. We must intervene in the construction and automotive sectors that have been in crisis for years", he added. "If the signs coming from Germany are negative, it must also worry us".

"Maneuver aimed at avoiding VAT increase"
"We want to make the tax authorities a friend of businesses and of citizens. We are aware that the resources for an immediate economic maneuver that will commit us to contain the increase in VAT will be scarce and therefore we hope to have more resources also in favor of businesses". said the President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte.

"Immigration, no slogan open ports-closed ports"
"I ask all political forces and all citizens to avoid focusing obsessively on the slogan 'open ports-closed ports'," Conte said in closing.

The explanations of vote

Napolitano: absent for health reasons, I would have voted yes
"I am sorry that my current health conditions do not allow me today to take part in the session of the Senate on trust. However, I intend to make my orientation known, as a senator by right and for life, favorable to the birth of the new government, even in the face of objective difficulties and the need to better define political and programmatic convergences and their stability over time ". Thus Giorgio Napolitano, president emeritus of the Republic, in a note.

The various groups expressed their intentions regarding the vote of confidence, after the Autonomies, Fratelli d'Italia, with Luca Ciriani, announced "an opposition without discounts to this scandalous government". Also in the Senate, therefore, the group of Brothers of Italy voted against trusting the Conte II government.

Leu: between majority forces there is common feeling
The new majority is "the only formula capable of offering answers to the needs of the country" and is that "indicated by Leu since the elections". The leader of the Senate Leu said in the Senate Loredana De Petris during the voting declarations on the trust to the new government. "The circumstances that led to the crisis induce many - doubts De Petris - about doubts about incompatible forces between them: as Leu from the beginning we were convinced" instead of the need to "give life to this majority among different forces of course but less than we wanted to represent. Among these forces there is a common feeling - he concludes - on the fundamental problems of the country ".

Marcucci, Pd: project to relaunch the country system
The group leader dem Andrea Marcucci highlighted the need to pursue the country's interests, without plunging Italy into chaos. "I don't envy Salvini - continued Marcucci - because of how he behaved in these weeks: you have unscrupulously privileged your partisan interests. In 2018 we recognized your right to govern, we would have wished the same treatment. The only squares we want closing is to pedestrianize them. If Salvini speaks of fear, it refers perhaps to the case of Russia ". Matteo Richetti, senator dem, announced his abstention in disagreement with his party.

Romeo, Lega: we have a democracy deficit
For Massimiliano Romeo of the League, we had been working for some time between Democratic Party and M5s at the change of majority and the new government, because the League was growing too much. It is a government of purpose - Romeo said - that of avoiding the vote.

Bernini, Forza Italia: never with the PD or even with M5s
He expressed an unfavorable opinion on the trust, Anna Maria Bernini, leader of FI, and excluded agreements with the Five stars and with the Pd. "You, President Conte," Bernini said, "have gone from a sovereign right-wing government to a left-wing statist government ... I can guarantee that we at Forza Italia will never make an agreement with the Five Stars and the Democratic Party."

Ferilli, M5s at the League: you have turned off the light
Gianluca Ferilli for the Five Stars spoke of misrepresentation of reality in reading the reasons for the crisis that led to Count II and attacked his former Northern League allies: you turned off the light of the previous government. We are not afraid of voting - says Ferilli - we want to contribute to the well-being of the country, which is why we express confidence in the government. Even Gianluigi Paragone, as Richetti with Pd, has announced that he is voting in disagreement with the Five Stars and will abstain.

The Bergonzoni t-shirt. Suspended session and then resumed
The general discussion this morning in the Senate Chamber had begun with the temporary suspension decided by the president Elisabetta Casellati after the Northern League's Lucia Bergonzoni had taken off her jacket and remained only with a white jersey with the words 'Tell us about Bibbiano', with the letters P and D in red and green to recall the colors of the Democratic Party.

Interventions in the Senate
The yes to the trust was announced in the House by the life senators Liliana Segre, who turns 89 today, Mario Monti and Elena Cattaneo. Then Licia Ronzulli from FI, Daniela Santanchè from FdI, Laura Bottici from M5s, Pier Ferdinando Casini from the autonomies (Svp-Patt-Uv), Francesco Laforgia from the Misto-Leu group, Ignazio Larussa from FdI and Franco Mirabelli from Pd.

The intervention of Salvini, leader of the League
It was then the turn of the former Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. "President Conte-Monti, you have gone from a revolution to a Renzi vote," Salvini began. "I do not envy you, President Conte: you have moved from the revolution to the vote of Casini, Monti and Renzi," says Salvini. "President, I leave you your chair - he adds - an armchair daughter of disloyalty, betrayal and personal interest; I keep the affection of the Italians". Salvini's speech ended with the cry: "Dignity, dignity" by the senators of the League.

Following Salvini, Renato Schifani, from Forza Italia: "Count as a lawyer for the people as lawyer for the building," he said. The general discussion ended Gianmauro Dell'Olio dei Cinque stelle.

Source: rainews

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