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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's promises to Jewish voters to annex the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea reflect the secret of the U.S. peace deal, or what some call the "deal of the century," which he seeks to use in his campaign and dominate the right-wing camp and win the Knesset elections next Tuesday.

According to Israeli analysts, it is appropriate to confirm that the statement is only about annexing the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, and only after the elections, in a sign that this part may already be clear in the administration's plan.

Netanyahu's remarks were preceded by opinion polls for Likud electoral staff, and respondents were asked what they think of a declaration by US President Donald Trump that Israel will annex parts of the West Bank, Jordan Valley and the Palestinian territories classified as "C", where some 200,000 Palestinians live, and what to do about them. And the importance of recognizing the annexation of all existing settlements and the Jordan Valley to Israeli sovereignty.

The gradual Israeli takeover in recent years of Area C means the de facto annexation of these areas, but when projects and initiatives were presented to the Knesset that Netanyahu halted, this does not mean that the annexation cannot take place in the future.

But from Netanyahu's point of view, the phrase "immediately after the elections" is as credible as previous statements on the Palestinian issue and the Iranian nuclear file, which was just a media bubble to serve his electoral agenda, analysts say.

Attendance of the Likud election festival in Ashdod, which was stopped by shells fired from Gaza (Israeli government)

Rule and Gifts
Along with Netanyahu's attempts to win right-wing votes for the Likud to resolve the election through the slogan "annexation of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley," which Netanyahu famously; Haaretz political correspondent Nau Landau estimates that these statements indicate a crisis in "intimate diplomatic relations" between Tel Aviv And Washington, mainly on the Palestinian issue and the Iranian nuclear file.

She believes that if the annexation of the West Bank is Netanyahu's gift to his constituents, it suggests that there is nothing left in the White House on the eve of the Knesset elections, and there is no time to obtain privileges to promote it among voters.

The correspondent estimates that Washington has allowed Netanyahu, or at least not prevented him from putting part of the US peace plan with the Palestinians on the table, and using it in electoral propaganda to strengthen Netanyahu and the Likud party's right-wing camp.

It is likely that Netanyahu's remarks indicate that the US administration is reluctant to annex all of the West Bank to Israeli sovereignty, as Netanyahu aspires, recalling Trump's remarks, which he said repeatedly that both sides should compromise and find a compromise to end the conflict.

Regarding the annexation and the imposition of Israeli sovereignty over the settlements, it is important to remember that the reporter said: "Netanyahu has consistently opposed any Knesset legislative initiative on this issue, even in the Jordan Valley. Netanyahu has previously thwarted several proposals to legislate laws for the far-right camp on annexation. West Bank and missed Likud celebrations urging the imposition of Israeli sovereignty over settlements. "

Netanyahu during military assessments with army command at Defense Ministry headquarters after rocket fire from Gaza (Israeli government)

Promises and resolve
For his part, political analyst Yossi Vertir wrote an article entitled "Netanyahu, the most famous security card, but the rockets brought him back to real life," referring to the depth of the crisis faced by Netanyahu and his attempts to win by all means.

In his opinion, Netanyahu puts his interest in what opinion polls suggest, as well as the hearing he will be subjected to because of the corruption files filed against him.

To improve his chances, even in opinion polls indicating that the right-wing camp has not settled the formation of the next government; says Netairahu "Netanyahu to make promises without any balance."

He pointed out that the siren sent him off the election platform in Ashdod yesterday, after the speech annexing the West Bank would be a lever to influence the Israeli public.

As for the electoral promises in general, and Netanyahu in particular; says the political analyst "advised to deal with them like perfumes spray and listen to them, but the smell does not last long and quickly evaporate."