King Felipe and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in their meeting this Tuesday. GTRES

After her appointment with the Monarch, the president shared a photo on her Instagram with tags like #woman, #girls or #womenswear

The pride (with capital letters) of Ayuso's groom hairdresser

Isabel Díaz Ayuso: illness, debts and tragedy after the father's scandal

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso (40), met on Tuesday with Felipe VI at the Palacio de la Zarzuela. The appointment is part of the round of hearings that the Monarch is holding with the newly elected regional presidents.

Popular politics described as "very positive" this encounter with the King, with whom he was discussing issues that concern the Spaniards.

So far, the information from an institutional point of view. Because the most curious thing happened in the digital sphere on Tuesday afternoon, where Díaz Ayuso shared a photo that immortalizes that meeting of the president with Don Felipe accompanied by hashtag that little or nothing has to do with the moment.

#Picoftheday (photo of the day), #woman (woman), #girls (girls), #womenswear (women's clothing) and #womenstile (we imagine you would like to wear womenstyle, women's style) are the striking labels used by the politics of Popular Party to describe his photo with the King.

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This is hashtag more typical of an influencer or a fashion portal and that on Instagram redirect to pages with photos of manicures, creams, inns ...

#Madrid # Spain #ElRey #King #CasaReal #Spain # constitucionespañola are other of the hashtag used by the Madrid next to the snapshot and that, these yes, would fit in some way with the image.

We do not know if the choice of these terms is from Díaz Ayuso herself or any of her social media consultants, among whom is her partner, Jairo Alonso.

According to the criteria of

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